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“XL”- The incredible card illusion that BECOMES REAL!

The spectator shuffles the pack, touches any card and the selected card is closely examined. You remove two Jokers from your pocket and both Jokers are also examined. The selected card is slowly sandwiched between the two Jokers and that’s when some VERY strange stuff starts to happen. First, one end of the face up selection VISIBLY STRETCHES! Then the other end VISIBLY STRETCHES! For the jaw-dropping climax the two Jokers and the STILL STRETCHED selected card are all handed out to be thoroughly examined! You have turned the selected card into an honest-to-goodness holy relic! Comes complete with extremely cool gimmicks for both red and blue Bicycle decks plus an exciting instructional DVD featuring 8 killer handlings including “The Classic Handling,” “Stand-Up Stretch,” “Spanish Inquisition,” “Guerilla Warfare,” “Not A Levitation,” “Seated Stretch,” “Don’t Blink,” “In Their Own Hands” and the “Holy Relic: Bonus Handling!”

“My girlfriend has seen it all. Nothing impresses her anymore. But when I showed her Jay’s new card effect ‘XL’ she went ape sh*t! For just a few moments she was a real layperson again. Thanks Jay!” – Chuck H.

“Normally I don’t like card tricks. But ‘XL’ is unlike any other card trick I’ve ever seen. Five stars!” – Ross H.

“Favorite trick in a long time. I like the “in Spec’s own hands” handling. EZ and lethal.” – Manny H.

“People look at the sick stretched card, grab the pack, and hold the card against the pack and just can’t get over the size difference. And when they go through the cards and find that there’s no duplicate card, forget about it! They’re dead.” – Teddy P.

“I do the stretch without saying a word. I use Jay’s “Stand-Up” handling he teaches on the dvd. And then I just give it to them, again, silent. I let it sink in and just wait for them to yell.” -Armen T.

“Best DVD I have ever got with a trick. One great handling after another. And thank God —they are all PRACTICAL!” – Bruce C.

“I have to give Jay total credit for this one. Incredible.” – Ross M.

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