Expanded HalfShell


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FUN Incorporated is proud to present a new breed of expanded shell.
Because these shells are not machined from actual coins, an image of the eagle is visible on BOTH sides of the shell.
Yes, you can actually flash the inside of the shell!
Care and Feeding of the Expanded Halfshell
Newly minted coins vary in size.
The Expanded Halfshell will fit best over half dollars that have been circulated and are somewhat worn.
Experiment with different coins to find three or four that will smoothly next with your HalfShell.
Should your HalfShell and a regular coin become stuck together, seperating them is easy.
Drop them into a drinking glass, clamp your hand over the mouth of the glass, and shake vigorously.
The coin and shell will seperate.

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Weight 0.039999999 lbs
Dimensions 2.125 x 1.875 x 1 in