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An impossible effect? The mentalist asks a spectator to name any freely chosen piece of information (a playing card, a number, a word, the name of a person, etc).  This exact piece of information is then shown to be on the internet with no possibilities of multiple outs, on top of that it turns out that this exact prediction had been there for days in advance.


Welcome to the 21st century.


– No assistant

– No special gimmicks except what you carry everyday!

– Totally impromptu! Few seconds reset!

– NO force!

– NO multiple Outs!

– Magician’s hands appear visible at all times

– Magician never comes near any of the objects involved in the spectacular revelation!



A 40 page book covering every technical and psychological aspect to make this a killer effect for real world performances, plus a CD with everything you need to get started that covers every handling honed through years of development and refinement making it a real world worker and includes many suggestions contributed by some of the top names among magic creators.

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