Color Telepathy – Large


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Color Telepathy

A True Mental Masterpiece!

After a deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled by a spectator, the magician displays three different colored rectangle plates which are placed onto a stand.

Sets of three cards are are taken from the shuffled deck and placed in front of each colored plate.

The magician takes the cards from one of the colored plates chosen by the spectator and shows their values. The spectator is then asked to choose one of the cards, and the other two are eliminated. There is no force of the chosen card, no process of elimination, but a totally free choice. Any set of cards and color can be chosen. Next, an envelope containing a prediction is opened. This envelope has been in full view the entire time. The prediction is removed with the correct card written in bold letters!

Points to remember:
• Only one envelope and prediction card are used.
• There are no switches of any kind.
• Totally free choice of card.
• No carbons, or secret writers are used.

Comes complete with colored rectangle plates

envelope with special plastic prediction card and stand.
Use any brand playing cards.

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