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Magic Tester

NOT a trick in the true sense of the word!

A novel puzzle-type mystery that creates fun and entertainment in your close-up program.

With this unusual apparatus you claim to be able to test a persons aptitude to become a magician. Four novel tests are carried out to ascertain whether your human guinea-pig has a steady hand, whether he can observe accurately and think logically, whether he has sensitive fingertip touch, and whether he possesses dexterity. If the person manages all four tests you say, he will surely become the worlds greatest magician one day (and thus take YOUR place!!!). How many tests does he succeed in? Only one … the Observation one … and this one you can leave out if you are experimenting on a person you don’t especially Iike!

A peculiar theme for a trick? Yes, it is! – for this is not a trick for EVERYONE. From our description you have readily realised that this can be a lot of fun in the right hands!

We supply everything complete, together with the
detailed instructions that can make it so easy for you.

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