Virtual Dice with DVD- Astor


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Virtual Dice – Astor

Virtual Dice is a mental magic trick with a surprising effect. The trick uses 6 red backed and 6 blue backed cards (both sets depicting 6 sides of a dice) and also a Plexiglass holder.

As a prediction, the magician puts two blue backed cards face down into the Plexiglass holder. The spectator rolls a ‘virtual dice’ twice. The magician takes the two red backed cards corresponding to the two numbers rolled out by the spectator using the "virtual dice”, and places them face up into the Plexiglass holder.

In the Plexiglas holder you now have the two prediction cards facing down and two chosen cards facing up. When the magician turns the Plexiglas holder over the audience can see that the prediction cards match the chosen cards exactly. This trick doesn’t require sleight of hands and can be quickly learned.

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