Juice for White Decks


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    New formula works in seconds!
    Perform gambling demonstrations!
    Create your own marked deck designs!
    Doesn’t require goggles, glasses, or contacts!
    Your designs are easier to remember than pre-marked cards.

Here’s how it works: Juice for White Decks features an exclusive coat-eating chemical that instantly removes the card’s finish, providing direct contact to the paper. The result is a huge, easy to read mark that’s invisible to the audience!

Includes instructions and two ounces of each color in convenient leak-proof bottles. Juice is a substitute for many tricks requiring a key card, marked card, or memorized deck system!

What’s the difference between a Juice Deck and a Marked Deck? Both are "marked" cards, but instead of a solid mark or design flaw, juiced cards contain huge markings that are only a shade or two darker than the card’s back color.

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